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Open Hours

Gear-to-Go is closed from Summer 2022 onwards.


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Phone: 520-621-0484 (0GTG) 



Gear-to-Go's Location in the Computer is now closed.

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Gear-to-Go Service Information

Additional Equipment resources: Library Technology Lending


Main Library Equipment Lending

Gear-to-Go equipment can no longer be checked out at the Computer Center. The library will start lending equipment formerly found at Gear-to-Go at the library starting on June 5th.

Gear-to-Go Equipment Moving to Library // May 10th Last Day for 48 hour bookings

All equipment currently loaned by Gear-to-Go will handed over to the library at the start of Summer 2022. We will close the Gear-To-Go location at the Computer Center building (#73) on the last day of finals Spring 2022 (May 12th). The final day to rent equipment will be May 10th. There will be a window during early summer prior to the equipment becoming available again at the library.

If you have questions about Gear to Go over these dates, please email or call (520) 621-6727. If you have questions about renting equipment from Summer 2022 onwards, please contact

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